Good Deeds Indeed

Posted on: May 3rd, 2017

Penny Jones and her family

No one has to remind me that there are lots of charity events to attend in Orlando. On many Saturday evenings, there are multiple options – and all of them are for very worthy local causes. It makes me proud to live here where there is so much activism for the disadvantaged, diseased and underserved. But there are some groups and events that don’t get quite the same attention as others. I think it’s because they represent things we don’t want to think about.

One of these is Seniors First, which serves a growing population of elderly residents who often cannot access the basics. Meals on Wheels provides them with a healthy meal – for some their only good meal of the day. That’s why I rejoice in attending the annual High Tea & Hats event. It brings some much-needed attention to a group that does not get much. The afternoon is filled with frivolity in the form of both beautiful and crazy head wear. Moms bring their children and many of the women bring their significant others. But the real joy comes in knowing someone’s mother or father can live on their own with some dignity and independence due to the work of many volunteers. They do it because it feels good. Let’s face it, seniors are not considered sexy or cute. Unlike in other cultures or in generations past, they are not even valued in today’s society. So thank you to those who serve seniors. You are doing good deeds indeed!