What a Wonderful World!

Posted on: April 30th, 2018

by Christi Ashby
Photo of Christi, Kate and Wendy by Macbeth Studio 

We are all about words, but there are not nearly enough to express my gratitude for the people who have impacted and inspired what we love to do! Here is a small list of thanks.

It’s a family affair at Appeal Media & Events Group. My daughter’s devotion is an unwavering constant in a crazy, deadline-oriented world. Thank you, Kate for making each day better. Thank you, Wendy, my sister, my friend, my supporter for more decades than we want to admit. To my husband, Robert, you are the rock that stands behind me every minute, and as our business manager you have given me back the most valuable assets – time and peace of mind.

There have been many contributors I am grateful for, but one has been with us since the beginning concept. Rita, you never doubted me even during some rocky recession years. Cheers to you and thank you for always bringing the vision to life. To our writers, columnists and photographers, you have made the process smooth and manageable. We look forward to many more years!

Before we created a single page, we were supported by those who believed we could do it – and do it well. Thank you, Melinda, Cal, Harriett, Walt, Juli, Irene, Todd and Shelly. Our partners in each issue have made the quality (yes, we know you love the paper!) production possible. Some of you – Dr. Scott Rotatori, Florida Hospital, Lake Highland Prep, Panera Bread and The Ritz-Carlton Orlando – have been with us since the very first issue. Thank you!

To all  my supportive sisters, thanks for lightening the load and making me laugh – and for letting me keep the camera at home once in a while!

And to all of you readers, this is for you. We love hearing your stories about where and how you peruse each issue, whether it’s over a Saturday morning cup of coffee or a Thursday evening glass of wine. We will continue to uphold our mission and commitment to you.

I often say I work 80 hours a week, so I don’t have to work 40. I gladly put in the hours – on my terms, and often at 5:30am – because I want to. Not only am I proud of celebrating 10 years of Orange Appeal, but also for our other projects – the Orlando Women’s Conference, Interior Appeal magazine, monthly ladies luncheons and the bi-weekly e-newsletter.

We love our community and showcasing those who make a difference here. We invite you to keep participating because we plan to keep creating. Cheers!