The Latest in Mammography Technology

Posted on: September 24th, 2018

October, and more importantly Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is upon us… have you received or scheduled your mammogram yet? If not, now is a great time as our partners at Sand Lake Imaging offer 3D mammogram technology and are doing a special partnership with Shepherd’s Hope. Read more below! 

Sand Lake Imaging (SLI), a leader in providing the highest quality Diagnostic Radiology in Central Florida, is proud to announce the use of the Hologic 3D Mammography System, the only technology available to offer the groundbreaking Genius 3D Mammography exam.

“Our mammography provides better, earlier breast cancer detection for patients with results that are significantly more accurate than 2D exams alone, detecting 20-60% more invasive breast cancers than its 2D counterparts,” says Dr. Robert Posniak, women’s specialty radiologist and president of Sand Lake Imaging. “We also reduce callbacks by up to 40%, compared to 2D alone.”

This technology allows Sand Lake Imaging to offer 3D mammograms with half the radiation of the standard 2D/3D mammogram combination with half the compression time.

Dense breast tissue can make it difficult for doctors to detect breast cancer during annual screenings, which is concerning since women with dense breasts are more likely to develop breast cancer. Studies show that Sand Lake Imaging’s Mammography exam has greater accuracy than 2D mammography for women across a variety of ages and breast densities. It is also FDA approved as superior for women with dense breast tissue compared to 2D, which is beneficial as nearly 50% of women between the ages of 40 and 74 have dense breasts.

“Mammography has been shown to save lives and is central to the marked decline in mortality from breast cancer,” says Dr. Posniak.  “Sand Lake Imaging strongly encourages women to continue to obtain their annual mammograms beginning at age 40. The newest technology of 3D mammography allows us to identify smaller breast cancers at an earlier stage.”

One in eight women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer – the most common cancer among women. Screening mammograms can detect cancer early and help reduce breast cancer mortality. Many women in Central Florida will forgo screenings as a result of cost and/or lack of health insurance. Therefore, for the sixth consecutive year, Shepherd’s Hope and Sand Lake Imaging are partnering to provide free mammograms to women in need through their “Get a Mammogram, Give a Mammogram” initiative held in conjunction with national Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Throughout the month of October, for each new patient who gets a mammogram at Sand Lake Imaging, the facility will donate a free screening mammogram to an uninsured Shepherd’s Hope patient. Since 2013, Sand Lake Imaging has donated more than a thousand mammograms through this program.

“We are grateful for our longstanding partnership with Sand Lake Imaging that allows Shepherd’s Hope to provide local uninsured women with this essential medical exam at no charge,” says Marni Stahlman, president and CEO of Shepherd’s Hope. “Shepherd’s Hope provides free primary and secondary medical services to the one in four Central Floridians who are uninsured or underinsured at five health center locations in Central Florida.”

For more information on how to obtain a mammogram, please schedule an appointment or contact any of Sand Lake Imaging’s three facilities by visiting: