7 Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

Posted on: October 1st, 2018

Breast cancer is on every woman’s mind. But we hope to turn worrisome thoughts into positive actions with these risk-reducing tips from one of Florida hospital’s leading breast surgeons, Olga Ivanov, MD.

1. Get 8 Hours of Sleep.

“Human growth hormone slows down the aging process and sleep allows our bodies to rejuvenate it. Sleep also regulates cortisol to lessen its negative stress-related effects that can increase breast cancer risk.”

2. Exercise for 150 Minutes per Week.

“Exercise is protective against cancer. It helps our bodies “turn off” genes that initiate or cause cancer and “turn on” protective genes that prevent cancer,” states Ivanov. 

3. Eat These 4 Foods Regularly.

“Some studies suggest that these foods have similar cancer-fighting properties compared to anti-cancer medications,” says Ivanov.

Green tea without sugar (one to two cups per day)
Ground flax seeds (one tablespoon per day)

4. Reduce Your Stress.

Ivanov explains, “Breast cancer cells can have epinephrine receptors, so the more stress that we have, the more our bodies can potentially “feed” cancer cells.” She recommends daily stress reduction practices, such as 15 minutes of meditation or yoga.

5. Know Your Health Numbers.

“Get your annual exams to help you and your doctors track your health trends, assess your risks, and develop tailored screening schedules, such as mammograms,” recommends Ivanov.

6. If You Think It’s Different, Get It Checked.

Dr. Ivanov pleas: “Learn your body – do your breast exam on a regular basis. If there is something that feels different to you, bring it up to your physician.”

7. Get the Girls Together.

Ivanov concludes, “Women are great about supporting one another, so connect with the fellow women in your life and celebrate healthy practices.”

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