Invite Positive Change with the Feel Whole Challenge

Posted on: September 9th, 2019

What does it mean to feel whole? For AdventHealth, it means to bring all the parts of you together — your body, your mind and your spirit — and give each the time and attention they deserve.

Health in each of these areas affects you as a whole person. Eating right helps you feel happier and maintaining a positive outlook to ward off stress, in turn strengthening your body.

That’s why we’re challenging everyone — our patients and our team members — to join our Feel Whole Challenge.

The Feel Whole Challenge lasts for 21 days, with each day providing an opportunity to try something new while building on what’s come before. Because feeling whole is different for everyone; each person sets their own agenda based on the challenge’s daily prompts.

It could mean paddling down the river, buying fresh vegetables, treating yourself to a massage or spending time with loved ones.

As examples of what this looks like in practice, we’re featuring the experiences of six people across the country. We asked them what they took away from the challenge.

“The challenge is appealing to me because I can center myself, set an intention and keep those things on the top of my mind,” Benecia says.

“The best part about the Feel Whole Challenge is being able to try new things and see if you can apply that to your life and make it better,” says Tommy, a stage 4 colon cancer survivor.

Erin, an expectant first-time mother, says, “You really do walk away with some things that you didn’t know about yourself and it’s really enlightening.”

We call it a challenge because it won’t always be easy. But change rarely is. We’re inviting everyone: Let the challenge change you.

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