Why Your Mammo Can’t Wait

Posted on: June 29th, 2020

by AdventHealth Medical Group

As we all start to refocus on our general health, it’s important to get back on track with your regular screenings and diagnostic exams. For many women, that could include getting a mammogram.

Health experts agree that the best way to find breast cancer as early as possible is with a mammogram, along with a clinical breast exam from your health care provider. This is why it’s so important to check in with your women’s health provider and stay up to date with your recommended mammogram schedule.

While we understand some are apprehensive about seeking preventive care right now, rest assured we are making it easy and safe to get the advanced breast imaging services you need. Our world-class imaging facilities combine convenient hours and locations with exceptional, caring staff and 3D technology.

General Mammogram Recommendations

First, talk with your health care provider about when to start having mammograms and how often you need one. This will depend on things such as your family history and any risk factors you may have. For many women, mammograms are recommended starting at age 40. If you have questions or concerns about your breasts at any age, contact your health care provider.

Advanced Technology and 3D Mammography

The latest mammogram technology offers greater comfort, and most importantly, peace of mind with clear, accurate results. “Finding a tumor when it’s small is the goal of screening and affords a person the best chances,” says AdventHealth Medical Group radiologist Dr. Leena Kamat.

Evidence continues to show 3D mammograms are better at finding cancer. An October 2018 study that tracked 15,000 women over five years found 3D mammography detected 30 percent more cancers than traditional mammography. “I think 3D mammography is the way of the future,” says Dr. Kamat.

Our adoption of the most effective technology is one reason women trust us with their health. Part of that peace of mind comes from getting the right answer the first time and avoiding stressful follow-up appointments.  

We’re Serious About Your Safety

You may be concerned about your safety right now — and we are, too. That’s why all our facilities now have these key protective measures in place:

  • Social distancing in our waiting rooms (look for floor markings, seat covers and clear protective shields near the receptionist)
  • Letting you check in from your car on your mobile device (in certain locations)
  • Caring for any patients who are sick in separate areas
  • Doing temperature checks at facility entrances
  • Requiring all patients and staff to wear face masks
  • Regularly cleaning and sanitizing all equipment, exam rooms, waiting areas and other high-touch areas often throughout the day

Nothing Is More Important to Us Than You

As you take the steps needed to get your life and health care back on track, we’re here to help you. Find mammogram services close to you and consider making an online mammogram appointment for your convenience.